New Types of Interior Lighting to Brighten Up Your Room

So, you have finally been able to buy a new house and you are all excited to do the interior decoration. One of the most critical parts of interior decoration is the light that you choose for the different rooms. Lights have the ability to make a room look brighter or dim, depending on how you want the room to look when the lights are on. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the unique lighting options that you can install to make the interiors look super-cool.

Recessed lighting

This is one of the most beautiful ways to light up your drawing room. Instead of having the traditional bulbs or tube lights, the recessed lights will be fixed to the ceiling. There will be several lights throughout the ceiling to make sure that the room has enough light. Most of the recessed lights are installed using a false ceiling.


If you have any photo frame or painting on the wall or have a unique showpiece, you can install spotlights to ensure that that particular area is focused amongst all the other things in the room. You can also have an open bar and have focus lights on the collection of bottles that you have. It gives a classy look and if the other lights in the room are dim, then the entire lighting condition gives a spectacular feeling.

Ambient light

Remember how a chandelier has so many lights and the entire unit hangs on the wall. It looks so beautiful when you walk in, right? Following the same concept, ambient lighting has become quite popular among homeowners. This has a covered ceiling light and you can control their intensity with the dimming switches or with the remote control. One of the reasons why this lighting option has impressed everyone is the designs that you get for the part that covers the light. Starting from the design of a sun to the design of a sundial, there are lots to choose from. Make sure you choose amber lighting because it gives a warm feel to the room.

With so many unique interior lighting options, there is no doubt that you will want to see each and every one of them before you pick the right one for the individual rooms. So, check all the types mentioned above and install them in the rooms that you feel best.

New types of interior lighting

Article by Electrician Geelong