4 Common Problems With Metal Roofs

common metal roof problemsMetal roofs are a preferred option for many. Among other reasons, metal roofs are durable, eco-friendly, and rarely requires maintenance. Like many other good things, metal roofs have their share of downsides. Roof Restoration North Brisbane share with us some of the common problems with metal roofs include:

1. Roof Leaks
Metal roofs are susceptible to leaks. This problem often occurs due to poor craftsmanship and the roofer leaving punctures and gaps in the metal roofing. Although most of these leaks can be contained on time, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert roofer to avoid these in the first place. Be sure to address the leaks as soon as possible to avoid farther damage to both the roof and the house.

2. Punctures and Tears
Punctures and tears mostly happen during the roofing process. Foot traffic on the roof can also be a reason for punctures as well. Nonetheless, having these issues address may help reduce chances of your roof getting punctures and leaks. Caulking is the most preferred solution for punctures and tears. It is however worth noting that, caulking won’t prevent future problems and if there’s foot traffic on your roof. Be sure to reduce traffic on the roof to be safe.

3. Blow-Offs
There are instances when metal sheets are blown off the roof. Poor artistry and installations are some of the factors to blame for this problem. Blow-offs can be avoided by having a certified and professional contractor take care of the entire roofing process. You should also look out for loose sheets once in a while to avoid the situation as well. Doing this can save you lots of money in roof repairs in the process.

4. Scratching and Scuffing
Metal roofs have a layer of protective paint purposely designed to prevent corrosion. This however doesn’t mean the paint is scratch proof. Scratching and scuffing can however be prevented by handing the metal sheets with care. This includes during transport, installation, and after installation. Any scratched surfaces can however be repainted to maintain its natural flow and look.

These are just but a few of the common problems that come with having metal roofs. Some of these problems can be avoided by having a professional roofer oversee the installation process. You also ought to be careful where you get the roofing materials from. Some roofers will offer additional services to help ensure the roof is installed correctly and stays in good shape for longer. Having an expert inspect the roof once in a while would be a wise idea.