Watching Out For Signs Of Slate Roof Problems

signs_of_slate_roof_problems Having shelter is a basic need for human beings, and for that to happen, you need a roof over your shoulder to give you comfort and also protect you from external environmental conditions. For this reason, you need a roof that is capable of assuring your comfort and safety. Slate roofing has indeed proved to be the best option to consider mainly due to its longevity. Here is what the guys at Roof Restoration Sale have to say about signs of problems with your roof.

Another pro about this sort of roofing is the integrity and beauty it exudes. However, even the sturdiest slate deteriorates over time and may develop damages and cracks that need to be addressed. Considering this is your place of refuge, you need to get work done sooner rather than later. Here are the signs of slate roof problems that you should be on the lookout for before it all comes crashing down.


Leaks are one of the most challenging roof damages to spot since you may only note when there are certain environmental elements like rainstorms. Leaks compromise the quality of roofs and stain the ceiling, walls, carpet and wallpapers. It may be caused by corroded valleys, faulty copper, broken tiles, lead roof flashing or failure of underlay. Since some of the problems may not be noticeable until it is already too late, it is advisable you call pros to perform regular maintenance and inspections.

Misaligned slate tiles

During the dry season, misaligned slate tiles may not warrant for raised alarms but waiting it out is not a wise decision either. It is better to deal with the problem early enough because the problem will not go away and will inevitably appear. The possible outcomes for ignoring the problem include water penetration and pest infestation making the house completely inhabitable.


Slates are considered to have a longer lifespan than other roofing materials. Due to exposure by environmental elements and time, slates crack and begin tumbling down the roof. This happens as a result of poor or no maintenance. If you are experiencing such an occurrence, contact experts immediately to help you save paying for a full replacement.

When you experience any of the mentioned signs of slate roof problems, please get in touch with slate roof experts to save you the anguish of having to spend more money than you would have in the first place. Get help for the necessary repairs to be done and see your roofing regain its lustre. Besides, roof repairs will also improve the overall property value and beauty of the household.

How Painting Your Roof Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

how_painting_your_roof_can_increase_the_value_of_your_houseYour home’s roof protects your family, the underlying structure and contents housed therein from the elements. Keeping it well maintained and in top condition helps preserve and in some cases enhance the overall value of your home.

It is worth noting that with time, your roof begins to show the wearing effect of continuous exposure to the elements. This can negatively affect its appearance and ability to keep out these damaging elements. You can however give it a fresh new look by painting it, and with it enjoy the value adding benefits described below.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Painting your roof can help increase the overall value of your home by simply improving its aesthetic appeal. When people look at your home, one of the standout features they see is the roof. Simply giving it a fresh new look with a new coat of paint can give the entire structure a noticeable lift in terms of appearance.

If you intend to sell your home, buyers will be drawn to the property because of the newly painted roof’s appeal. They will also be more willing to pay a higher price as a result of the enhanced curb appeal.

Enhanced Durability

As previously stated, the damaging effects of extended exposure to the elements can leave your home’s roof looking old and unable to protect the underlying structure against the external weather. An ageing roof is also bound to develop regular roof problems, making it costlier to maintain.

With the right type of roofing paint, you can be able to protect the surface of the roofing material against the damaging effects of the elements. For instance, properly painting your roof can help prevent the growth of lichens and algae, and with it, prevent their damaging effects as well.

By keeping your home’s roof in its best condition for an extended period, you get to enjoy a longer, problem free, period of use. This combined with the reduced maintenance costs effectively boosts your overall home value.

Energy Savings

Today you can find a huge variety of roof coatings designed to help boost your roof’s ability to insulate your home and create worthwhile energy savings. By ensuring that the roof can reflect away excess heat from the sun to keep your home’s interior comfortably cool during the hotter months of the year, your air conditioning bill stays lower. These savings can add up over time, creating immense value.

As you can see from the above, painting your roof can increase the value of your home in a number of ways.