What Is A Split System Air Conditioner?

During the hot summer months, coming home to a cool environment is superb. The same goes for the cold months where you come home to a heated environment. Well, you can achieve this with an air conditioning system. There are different types of AC units in the market, including split AC units.

What Is A Split Air Conditioning Unit?

It consists of 2 main parts, the indoor and outdoor unit. The latter is installed outside or near the room you want to cool down. The outdoor unit consists of the condenser oil, compressor, capillary tubing and expansion coil. The indoor unit is found inside the room you want to cool down and consists of an air filter, long blower and cooling coil.

The Difference From Other AC Units

A split AC unit is easy to install compared to other types of systems because there is no ductwork involved in the installation. The outdoor and indoor units will be connected to tubing and electrical wires for maximum efficiency. Therefore, you can count on top notch energy efficiency saving you lots of money every end month.

Note that, most of the other AC units require a lot of ductwork that increase your energy expenditures. That’s because there is a lot of energy loss because of the heat exchange in the air duct system. Therefore, since the split AC unit doesn’t have the ductwork, there is no chance of losing energy,

Are There Any Benefits To Using This AC System

What is a Split System Air Conditioner unitIt has so many benefits compared to other AC systems. First, when in operation, it is considerably quieter than other AC units. The noisiest parts of an air conditioner are the compressor and the fan that cools than the condenser. In this type of AC unit, these parts are located outside the room in the outside unit. Therefore, the major sources of noise are removed from the room entirely.

Also, there’s the option of having a multi-split system where one indoor unit can be connected to a single outdoor unit. As a result, you can cool more than one room or maintain the temperature in a large room by using more than 2 indoor cooling units. If you’re cooling for an efficient and cost-effective way of cooling your home, you can always rely on a split-system AC unit.

If you choose a good installation expert such as Air Conditioning Geelong, you can always count on a good return on investment for the AC system.

A Few Words on Ambient Lighting

The right lighting in your home can go a long way to make a great impression and create that “stylised” ambience. Ambient lighting adds a great look and feel to your home.

It can be difficult choosing the appropriate contemporary lighting for your home, and if you don’t have any experience it can be a matter of trial and error which could end up costing you in mistakes.

When it comes to lighting and decorating your home, the goal is to create build an atmosphere. An atmosphere of comfort, warmth, casualness and organisation will make you always feel at home and also make guests feel welcome. Using technology that is available today, contemporary lighting can be easily used to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Examples of ambient lighting that can be used include;  giving your living room a dramatic look, highlight decorations, and even hide imperfections or low points of the room. Great design in lighting can also emphasise colour schemes and create moods which all add up to create a certain atmosphere for the room. This can be done with the many many options in design, sizes, shapes, styles, etc. available today in contemporary lighting.

Since humans learnt how to control fire around 125,000 BC, lighting technology has come a long way. Around 4500 BC, oil lamps were in use and by around 3000 BC candles were invited – we’ve been playing around with various forms of lighting for a very long time.

Our choice of light fittings, styles shapes and sizes are virtually limitless these days. Just google indoor lighting and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available, not to mention options of where to purchase, how to purchase, etc. etc. Nowadays, not only do you have thousands of options when it comes to ceiling lighting, but you now have a lot of options with wall lighting and floor lighting – all in an effort to achieve that perfect ambience.

Another goal of ambient lighting is to achieve a light situation which is even throughout the room. You can help to achieve this by installing dimmers with your lighting which can allow you to adjust the level of lighting to suit the time of day or the amount of natural light entering the room.

A significant or important room in your house needs a touch of visual drama to emphasise looks and feel which can be achieved by using contrast. Contrast is a major factor in lighting design and can be done by using halogen (recessed) lights that highlight specific items of interest in the room. Other types of lighting such as wall scones will add accent.

Whilst lighting design for a significant room in your home isn’t the only factor which makes up the rooms decoration, it is an important one and well designed lighting will contribute to the success of that room.